• Three kinds of stainless steel wire shelving carts
  • Three kinds of spacious black shopping carts
  • Wire cart applications in kitchen, office and store

We are leading producer of wire carts

Waltray Wire Cart Company mainly specializes in producing various wire carts for more than ten years. We uphold "Customers is God" as our principle and set our whole heart to provide customers with high quality wire carts in different patterns and applications. Moreover, we can give you professional suggestions and solutions according to your requirements.

Reliable company due to rich experience and quality products
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Our company has over ten years experience in researching, producing and selling various wire carts used to store and transfer bulk items due to strong and robust structure.
We produce ten main wire carts in different design and applications
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We produce ten kinds of wire carts such as wire shelving cart, shopping wire cart, two-tier shopping cart, slant wire cart used for different applications.
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What kind of wire cart is suitable for you?

  • If you have lots of vacant items but no enough space to store them, then choose wire shelving carts and three-sided wire carts. Such wire carts save your room space and hold more items, making your room tidy and neat.
  • If you open a supermarket, shopping carts and two-tier shopping carts are perfect ones. They have large basket to hold more items for customers. What’s more the smooth swivel wheels bring customers convenience for going everywhere.
  • If you are the senior or intend to buy wire carts for the senior, foldable wire carts are suitable in that they are lightweight and portable with comfortable handles and wheels.
  • If you are open a clothing store or bakery store, slant wire carts is a good suggestion. They have higher visibility and customers can easily find what they are looking for.

The four major benefits of our wire carts as following

We stand out integrating with high quality material, surface treatment, design and superb mobility
  • Sturdy structure
    Our quality wire carts are made of stainless steel, carbon steel. They are sturdy and robust to withstand bulk items.
  • Quality surface treatment
    The chrome coated, zinc coated and powder coated surface makes wire carts resist corrosion, rust, alkaline and poisonous chemicals.
  • Stylish design
    Our wire carts are available in many patterns such as shelving cart, shopping cart, foldable wire cart, three-sided cart. They are stylish and fashionable.
  • Superb mobility
    All of our wire carts are mobile with rubber wheels. They can be moved to anywhere easily and quickly, providing people convenience.

What can you do with wire carts?

For kitchen utensils storage
Are you still worried about your kitchen with so many utensils and food spreading everywhere? Kitchen wire cart is your wise choice. Kitchen wire cart with multiple shelves is a good choice for you in that the shelves allow you to distribute different utensils in separate shelves in order. The strong and robust material can withstand more utensils. Moreover, it helps you save your kitchen space and makes your kitchen tidy and neat.

Three-tiered kitchen cart with single handle holds salt and some liquid

For office mails delivering
As for people who deliver mails, files and large parcels, wire mail cart is a more suitable one. In general, wire mail cart is usually designed with two baskets - top and bottom baskets and has comfortable and convenient handles. Top basket is mainly used to hold letters, files, envelopes or other portable items. By contrast, boxes, parcels, luggage or other bulk items are put on bottom basket. Wire mail carts are usually used in office, hotels, warehouses, post office, etc.

Mail cart with letters in top basket and packages in bottom basket

For goods storage and transfer
While you are shopping in shops and supermarkets, especially in supermarkets, shopping wire carts are commonly seen everywhere. Shopping wire carts are an ideal choice for customers to store and transport goods during shopping because the large capacity space can hold as many things as possible as shown in the right picture. Apart from that, shopping wire carts have easy-to-go swivel wheels; people at any age can move them effortlessly.

A zinc-coated shopping cart with plenty of fruits, veggies

For computers equipment setting
As its name refers, wire computer cart is specially designed to hold computer components such as computer monitors, computer case, keyboards, PC mouse and printers. As shown in the picture, wire computer cart can be designed like that or it can be customized according to customers requirement. Such wire computer cart is commonly used in home, hospital, restaurant, industries for people to work.

Three-tier computer cart with top shelf for monitor, middle shelf for keyboard and pull-out shelves for case and mouse

If you have some questions or want to know more about our products, please feel free to send emails to contact us. Our e-mail address is waltray@wire-cart.com. We feel honored to receive and answer your questions.

Hot Products
Wire Shelving Cart

Wire shelving cart provides solution for transporting and storing mails, documents, luggage, clothes, food around offices, warehouses, shops, kitchens.

Two-Tier Shopping Cart

Two-tier shopping cart with two baskets allows for separation of goods and the small volume but great capacity can hold much goods at a time.

Three-sided Wire Cart

Three-sided wire cart is strongly welded with carbon steel and stainless steel wires. It is used to hold many items and prevent contents from falling off.

Wire Basket Cart

Stainless steel, carbon steel wire basket cart used to store and transfer items in separate baskets. The special design makes items look tidy and neat.