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Wire cart product list

Wire Shelving Cart

Wire shelving cart provides solution for transporting and storing mails, documents, luggage, clothes, food around offices, warehouses, shops, kitchens.

Wire Mail Cart

Wire mail cart with welded wire baskets provides a perfect solution for transporting large boxes, parcels, envelopes or packages in office, hotel.

Kitchen Wire Cart

Kitchen wire cart with multiple sturdy shelves and mobile wheels is ideal for storing fruits, vegetables, cans, drinks and cookwares in kitchens.

Computer Wire Cart

Computer wire cart is sturdy and durable wire cart and allows to distribute PCs, server, keyboard, monitors, printers in separate shelves.

Shopping Wire Cart

Shopping wire cart brings forth convenience for customers to store and transfer goods when shopping because of its large capacity and small volume.

Foldable Cart

Foldable cart is not only ideal for personal shopping with sturdy structures and flexible wheels, but can be folded for easy storage when not in use.

Two-Tier Shopping Cart

Two-tier shopping cart with two baskets allows for separation of goods and the small volume but great capacity can hold much goods at a time.

Three-sided Wire Cart

Three-sided wire cart is strongly welded with carbon steel and stainless steel wires. It is used to hold many items and prevent contents from falling off.

Slant Wire Cart

Slant wire cart is designed with sloped shelves in that it provides high visibility for people to choose goods easily in supermarkets, book stores, etc.

Wire Basket Cart

Stainless steel, carbon steel wire basket cart used to store and transfer items in separate baskets. The special design makes items look tidy and neat.

Wire Cart Accessories

Wire cart accessories such as shelves, baskets, handles, posts and swivel casters. These major parts comprise a strong and robust wire carts.